Welcome to the website!!!

Our plans for the site, plus some thankyou's for CC accreditations.

Welcome to our site!

There's really not much to say other than that we hope you like it, and that if you have any suggestions for improvements or additions then please let us know. 

We're keen on adding some stuff to teach music theory a bit, so hopefully this will available for you all soon. 

Some of our images were taken from Pixabay and require no licensing etc. but we have listed below a few images that were taken from Creative Commons sites. In the interests of supporting the artists who so kindly shared their work with the world, we decided to have a special area devoted to noting their accreditations.

We must note here that the artists themselves make no endorsement of our site or our company - the deal with CC is that they post up an image, we use it and say thanks, and that's it. Should any artists require a different method of accreditation, then again, please let us know and we shall endeavour to accommodate, within reason. 

  1. Note Filter page (Keyboard player image) - original image by Mitchschneider88. "File:Playing keys.jpg" by Mitchschneider88 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 
  2. Note Alter page (Yamaha synth image) - original image by Klaus P. Rausch. "File:YAMAHA MONTAGE 6 knobs & sliders (2016-09-13 by Klaus P. Rausch @pixabay 2014384).jpg" by Klaus P. Rausch (1306241) from Wiesbaden, Deutschland is licensed under CC0 1.0 
  3. Note Humanizer page (Modular synth image) -original image by djhughman.  "File:Analog overload - 'Control Voltage' electronic music shop in Portland OR - School Photos PCC (2015-05-23 12.43.39 by djhughman).jpg" by djhughman from Portland, OR, USA is licensed under CC BY 2.0 
  4. Chordbank page (Behringer outboard image) - original image by Anton Ponomarev. "File:Behringer outboard rack (2017-03-24 @pxhere 1249743).jpg" by Anton Ponomarev is licensed under CC0 1.0 
  5. Melodic Inverter page (Mastering studio image) - original image by Dayron Villaverde. From Pixabay but accredited as it was from an older and very specific search. 

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