May Madness 2021!

Yes Folks, May Madness is upon us once again, and Enlightenspeed have given things a good shake!

It's that time of year again!

This year for May Madness, we have done a lot to revise our offers, and realign the products... blah, blah, markety-salesy kinda stuff etc. 

Ok, basically a lot of people already have Loopcracker, so we wanted to have something which was just for the newer stuff that has been released since the last Black Friday sale. Thus, we now have the "May Madness Special" bundle which is precisely this. This is only available for May Madness.

Loopcracker itself is being fundamentally altered to add MeloDramatik, but remove the now discontinued Melodic Inverter and the aging Chordbank plugin. Chordbank is available super-cheap during May Madness, and will then be removed from the shop permanently. Current users and everyone who buys Chordbank through May Madness will get a substantial discount offer when the replacement comes along (it's already fricken awesome btw :D ), which is expected probably late June or early July 2021. 

For anyone who's digging all our trials but hasn't bought anything yet we will of course have the obligatory "everything but the kitchen sink" bundle. Every currently available Enlightenspeed plugin, for one very nice price! This shall be called "May Madness Maximum", and like the special it will only be available for May Madness, as the names suggest.

The full bundles are, at a glance ,below: 

  1. Loopcracker Suite V4.0 = Note Filter // Note Alter // Note Humanizer // MeloDramatik
  2. May Madness Maximum = Note Filter // Note Alter // Note Humanizer // MeloDramatik // Inspiral // Chordbank // Note Latch
  3. May Madness Special = MeloDramatik // Inspiral

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LinkedIn: Brian Findlay